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2000: The beginnings

Set up in early 2000, Blue River is at heart the endearing story of two brothers who had a passion for engines and no clue they would someday turn this into a competitive business. With their savings, Alexandru and Marian Paun bought their first second hand truck, reconditioned it and quickly understood that there was plenty of room on the market for growing a new business. They soon decided to take things further, set up a transportation company and buy another two trucks in order to keep up with the growing number of orders.

2001: The Blue River business model

A third truck was bought and starting that year, Alexandru and Marian had started working heavily in defining the business model Blue River would run by. For 14 years, the company grew consistently and sustainably, adding more trucks and expanding the team, as the orders kept coming, thoroughly researching the market and always aiming at implementing an adaptable and competitive business model, with qualified staff and next generation trucks.

2003: Building an elite transportation business

Although 2003-2009 was majorly defined by the global economic crisis, this also stood as a test for Blue River and led it to making its way to the top league of merchandise transportation businesses by validating the fresh business model built on organic growth, a young team and ambitious founders. In addition, the increasing number of partnerships with world renowned companies confirmed the values, mission and goals Blue River set out to live by, implement and achieve.

2012: The Blue River Network

Blue River started its intra-community transportation activities with an increased number of services offered abroad; at present, the company is working on developing a thorough portfolio of the activities that take place outside the Romanian borders.
In terms of international routes, Blue River operates as a subcontractor for other transporters and forwarding companies, having integrated a specialized department, a permanent dispatch service always at the clients` disposal and a dedicated fleet of new trucks that meet all the demands required by the European Union.

2014: Blue River network

Blue River reaches the top of the most important merchandise transporters in Romania, with a turnover of 21,7 million lei, increased from 17,5 million lei, in 2013, a number of 71 employees (as compared to 62 in the previous year) and 51 trucks (as compared to 46 in 2013).



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