Blue River

General Cargo

Responsibility and efficiency

Any transport is a project for the Blue River. We carry it out responsibly and efficiently. This is why our clients become long-term partners. Together we build a field in which professionalism becomes the basic rule. Regardless of volume, size and materials, Blue River is responsible for the goods of its clients. With the help of our partners, we implement innovative solutions, such as the transport of goods in secure semi-trailers, where the client is the only one who has the access codes for viewing the transported cargo. We are the market leader in sustainable, clean fuel-efficient transportation and continue to grow our fleet of CNG-powered trucks.

Safe and flexible transport

Blue River’s over 200 employees work to coordinate the hundreds of shipments we make with trucks from our own fleet or our subcontractors. This way, we provide complete transport flows for any type of project, from toys to airplanes. Each project is monitored from loading to delivery and its route is monitored by the dispatching teams.

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