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Blue River has been establishes in 2000, as a family business, starting from the founders' passion for everything that was related to the world and technology of automobiles. The first step was to buy, with personal money, a second hand truck that was reconditioned as a hobby. After that, Blue River started its activity transporting some farming products in the family's benefit.

The road from the first to the third truck was probably the most difficult period, as brothers Alexandru and Marian Păun recollect now, but they also say about that time that was the most beautiful: „It seamed at that time that Timişoara was far away from Bucharest and the northern border of the country on another continent". Later, national and internationally recognized companies gave the young Blue River team a vote of confidence and the company experienced an organic and fast growth, in spite of the difficulties turned up in the market in the 2009-2010. Those years influenced dramatically the entire market and the entrepreneurs had to face new challenges.

Blue River has now a team over 80 employees and operates a fleet over 50 trucks. Last year, the company registered a turnover of Euro 4.8 million, increasing from previous year.

The way up to here would not have been possible without the contribution of each and every member of the team. They contributed and continue to do this, day by day, to developing and promoting the values of Blue River. Every member of the team knows and permanently proves that for it's' clients, Blue River is not just a transport firm, but a genuine partner, being a main part of everyone's success.

"Blue River is a dream come true. Both me and my brother had a thing for engines and it all began there. When I bought and reconditioned the first truck, I have never thought I would someday be in the auto transportation business. Intuition and entrepreneurial skills played a major part in the launching and growth of our company but none of this would have been possible without the support of our team who contributes day by day to our success and further development. We grew constantly and organically, each day more, along with the partners we are grateful to have by our side. In turn, we are making all necessary efforts to prove ourselves a long term, reliable partner. We do our best each day to be even more efficient, more competitive, to be better." Alexandru Păun, Blue River


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