Blue River

National Cargo Transport

Diverse and innovative services

Blue River is one of the first companies to innovate in the field of domestic cargo transport. Our fleet of over 170 trucks is always on the move, providing quality services to clients who want their cargo delivered on time and safely. Our trucks comply with Euro 6 and Euro 5 standards and the CNG-powered fleet of alternative fuel vehicles ensures sustainable road transport and protects the environment. The diversity of transport services provided by Blue River is created through the use of light semi-trailers and the EcoDrive system for the transport of high temperature goods.

What do we carry for you?

If you are looking for a company with a permanent dynamic, send an email to Blue River and you will get a customized solution for the type of transport you need. Our transportation services include:

General cargo

Transportation with tarpaulin semi-trailers.

Walking floor

Transport of bulk goods with walking floor for ferrous and non-ferrous waste, plastic, paper, grain and others.

Refrigerated goods

Transport for foodstuffs, beverages or pharmaceuticals.

Dump trucks

Transport for construction materials, sand, gravel, ballast, and others.

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