Blue River


cargo transport

Blue River is one of the first companies to innovate in the field of domestic cargo transport. Our fleet of over 170 trucks is always on the move, providing quality services to clients who want their cargo delivered on time and safely. Our trucks comply with Euro 6 and Euro 5 standards and the CNG-powered fleet of alternative fuel vehicles ensures sustainable road transport and protects the environment.

cargo transport

Your cargo arrives safely anywhere in Europe. With a fleet of over 170 modern, environmentally friendly trucks, we create customized transport services for our clients. For over 20 years, we have created a network of partners throughout Europe with whom we provide international transport for general cargo. Using an integrated resource management system, we provide transparency of information on selected routes and predictability in terms of delivery time of the cargo.

General cargo

Regardless of volume, size and materials, Blue River is responsible for the goods of its clients. With the help of our partners, we implement innovative solutions, such as the transport of goods in secure semi-trailers, where the client is the only one who has the access codes for viewing the transported cargo.

Transport of bulk cargo

Transportation of bulk goods has become an important part of the Blue River portfolio. With the help of the fleet of semi-trailers with walking floor and tipping semi-trailers we transport

Temperature-Controlled Cargo Transport

Using the refrigerated trailer power supply system by generating clean energy from the CNG engine allowed us to create a new transport system for our clients.

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