Blue River

Sustainable transport

Blue River is the first Romanian company to implement a large sustainable transport project. With 20 CNG-powered trucks and ensuring our own supply network for them, we are the first to bring eco-friendly transport on Romanian roads. Pilot projects carried out with our partners in Romania and in European countries have confirmed to us that sustainability must become the priority of any company, especially in this field of activity. For Blue River, environmental protection is a milestone in development and a strategic goal.

The partners who joined our approach are Coca Cola, Profi, Ursus, Portman, NTG Nordic Transport Group, Kuehne Nagel AG and DSV. The companies understanding that change can start from anywhere have supported us in developing a growing number of projects using CNG-powered trucks.

How did we become a sustainable transportation company?

CNG-powered trucks. Our first goal was to diversify the fleet with new truck models, powered by CNG.
Increasing the number of power supplies. Gas stations are essential for ensuring long-distance transport, so we have strengthened our position on the market by creating our own network of gas stations allowing us to carry out domestic and international cargo transport operations with eco-friendly trucks.
We use light semi-trailers. . Most of the semi-trailers in Blue River fleet are light. In other words, we use a lower vehicle weight to save fuel. This type of semi-trailer also allows a higher load, without exceeding the total weight.
We transport recyclable products using walking floor semi-trailers.
We use the Eco Drive system which converts mechanical energy in electricity for the cooling unit of the semi-trailer, so that its Diesel engine remains stopped.

We provide transport for recyclable products:

Ferrous and non-ferrous waste


Recyclable paper

Recyclable plastic

Our promise

We are a team that wants to become a model for how the principles of sustainability are observed. To this end, we are involved in projects that helping us moving forward with a model of environmental protection, from the lowest level to creating a sustainable transport infrastructure.

We actively support environmental protection causes

Blue River employees drive 100% electric cars.

We have internal selective collection programs

We implement plans to reduce energy consumption within the company