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Temperature-Controlled Cargo Transport

Temperature-controlled cargo transport

Traceability of goods is the constant concern of our partners and clients for whom we provide refrigerated transport services. With the help of the innovative EcoDrive system from Carrier, implemented together with the representative in Romania, CoolUnit, we managed to provide them the guarantee of a safe transport. Using the refrigerated trailer power supply system by generating clean energy from the CNG engine allowed us to create a new transport system for our clients. The pilot project of this new transport system was implemented together with our partner Kuehne + Nagel, using a Scania CNG-powered truck and is implemented for clients in the pharma industry. For the transport of temperature controlled goods we use the latest generation semi-trailers with:

telematic system with temperature monitoring and the possibility of setting them remotely

additional partitions and vaporizers for transporting products at different temperatures (MultiTemp)

double-deck loading system for stacking on two levels

rear door locking system according to TAPA requirements, with the possibility of remote locking and unlocking

boxes for storing 34 Euro-pallets

Transport for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical products are subject to strict transport rules. Transport is loaded and unloaded at a recommended temperature that we maintain throughout transport. Blue River trucks are certified for the transportation of pharmaceuticals.

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