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Women who make transportation more beautiful

Working in the transport field is not one of the easiest things to do. That is why some say that this is a male field. Gradually, the phrase becomes more and more obsolete compared to the new statistics which show an increase in the number of women who want to work in the field of cargo transport. Blue River is one of the companies supporting women to pursue a career in transportation, by launching the “Women Who Make Transportation More Beautiful” campaign.

We want to promote the ladies who drive trucks but also those who provide, daily, the necessary support and logistics to their colleagues on the road. At the time of writing this article, three of the Blue River drivers are women.

Statistics show that only 1% of women with a driver’s license have a category C license, respectively 2600, in Romania. Blue River aims to increase the number of female drivers in 2022, following the example of other countries that encourage women to get behind the wheel of trucks. In the United States of America, 7% of drivers are women, while in Europe, the statistics are less promising, with only 2% of women in this profession. With a shortage of staff of around 400,000 truck drivers across Europe, transport companies are looking for a way to persuade more and more women to obtain a category C license.

The reasons for women deciding to become truck drivers are many, but the most frequently mentioned are the possibility to team up with life partners or the passion for being on the road, travel and involvement in a less feminine field.

Behind the closed doors of the offices, at the end of the phone calls, is another category of women who change the transport. Logistics managers, dispatchers and administrative staff come to the aid of men who are still on the front lines of transport activities. With the help of women, we also bring beauty to the workplace, and this will transform the entire industry over time.

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