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"Reaching our goal depends on the means of transportation we have at hand." (Jan Lechiki)
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Domestic Transportation

We ensure general merchandise transportation in tarpaulin trailers with:
- a dedicated fleet and permanent dedicated subcontractors
- experimented, rigorously selected drivers
- transportation vehicles with integrated onboard computers, allowing satellite positioning control
- real time geographic coordinates update of the truck and driver
- delivery within the pre-established time frame

Services Blueriver

International transportation

We ensure general merchandise transportation in tarpaulin trailers, with controlled temperature, traction trailers and controlled temperature trailers.
Our most frequent routes are Denmark, Italy, France, England and Belgium.
We adapt to the client`s need on any intra-community destination and further away.
Our dedicated fleet meets all the EU requirements regarding transportation.

Services Blueriver


- special department targeting the intermediation activity so as to offer prompt solutions.

Services Blueriver

Other services

- depending on the clients` needs and demands, we can perform any kind of service (storage, grouping, distribution)

„Achieving the goal depends on the means of transport we have", Jan Lechicki


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